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Central Florida is home to countless insects, rodents and pests that hamper the quality of life we enjoy. With the ability to spread bacteria, transmit diseases and cause significant property damage. Biting, stinging and chewing pests like roaches, ants, mosquitoes and mice are much more than a nuisance, and it is important to fully understand the risks associated with any potential pest problem.

Our highly trained and licensed home pest control exterminators will protect your property and give you a pest-free environment inside and out. Our services give you peace of mind knowing you are protecting your family and your property in the most effective and environmentally responsible manner available today. It is your best pest defense.

Protect your Home

Residential pest control is often a year-round maintenance and planned strategy. With the weather often being muggy hot with a lot of rain, insects and rodents attempt to find safety  within your home, trees or lawn.

Ants, cockroaches, mosquitoes and rodents are more than just a nuisance, they can also pose a serious threat to you and your families health.

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Are Pests Invading Your Home?

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If you have pest, you want to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Insects and rodents do not wait to have offspring. They are always continuing to bread and infest. You also want to make sure if you do get rid of them to keep them away for good is priority one. Chris Lietz Pest Defense keeps your home free from common Florida pests like roaches, ants, spiders and silverfish.

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Quality Over Quantity, Every Time!

Chris Lietz started his Pest Control company because after doing a beautiful landscape for his existing customers he was tired of seeing the maintenance side of things not being taken care of properly and decided to do it himself to provide even more quality services for our customers. With Chris Lietz you get quality over quantity every time!

Pest Control Services

The Villages Pest Control

Interior Pest Control

The Villages Pest Control

Exterior Pest Control

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Termite Control

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Flea & Tick Treatment

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Ant Removal

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Cockroach Elimination

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Bee & Wasp Control

Keep Your Home Looking Great!

Chris Lietz Pest Defense services are affordable and effective. We utilize a perimeter control method that is safe for humans and pets. During our preventive maintenance periods and seasons we treat for known insects and pests that are more active during warmer or wetter climate changes.

Lawn Pest Defense

  • During the winter months your lawn will receive a healthy dose of nitrogen and  potassium fertilizer. We will also apply a blanket pre-emergent herbicide to work in the soil as a barrier to reduce future weeds from sprouting. Pre-emergent has also been shown to reduce the rate at which Crabgrass spreads.
  • During the spring and summer months we will apply the necessary pesticides to protect your lawn from harmful insects such as the Chinch bug. We also apply iron and micro-nutrient fertilizer to give your lawn a healthy deep green appearance.
  • During the fall we prepare your lawn for the winter by fortifying it using potassium fertilizer. We also keep a close watch for Grub Worms as this is their season to be most active. We DO NOT charge you extra for Grub Worm control.

Throughout the year we will apply weed control, insect control and disease control as needed at no additional charge​.

The Villages Pest Services
Villages Pest Services

Whole House Protection

Home Pest Control Services

Protecting Your Home & Family

Pest Prevention, Termite Control, Ant Elimination are many other pest control services are available with Chris Lietz Pest Defense. Serving the Ocala, The Villages and all points in-between, Chris Lietz Pest Defense will discuss your many options to protect your family and investments.

We guarantee our work, so don't let the pests worry you any longer! It's your home & lawn, let us take care of it!

Keep your home looking great and free of pests.
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Chris Lietz Pest Defense provides on time appointments, fair on honest estimates and well thought out plan for each individual clients. Our clients are different in every way imaginable. Their homes are different, their surroundings are different, what they eat and their yards have so many different plants and trees.

Professional - Licensed Pest Control

We have your covered!

We understand the importance of a dedicated pest control and prevention company working for the benefit of keeping your home or office free of pests and rodents. We are a certified pest control company through the state of Florida. Insured and Bonded for your protection.


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